How To Use a Flip Video to Record Voice Overs

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If you are planning to create a video presentation for work or you just want to add a voice over on your videos to make it more interesting, you know that the microphone of your laptop is not enough to get the voice quality you need. How about using your Flip video? It is not only for taking videos and making home movies; it is great for recording voices for videos as well.

  • Look for a perfectly quiet place. Locate quiet place in your house so that you can control the noise or ensure that there would be no unnecessary noise in your recording. Rehearse your speech or voice over a few times before recording.
  • Record. Press the "record" button and read your speech or script. Don't worry about the video that would be captured. You can dispose of it later. Don't speak too close to the microphone of your Flip Video camcorder to avoid unnecessary feedback and noise. Push the red button to stop recording when you are done.
  • Download your video file to yout computer. Load up your video on your computer via USB connector of your flip video camcorder.
  • Open using QuickTime Pro. Go to "file" menu and choose the "export" option.
  • Extract the voice over. Do this by altering the "export" option to "Sound to AIFF" and adjust the "use" on the drop down menu to "default settings."
  • Combine the voice over to your video. Using your video editing software, bring together your voice over and the video that you want to add the voice over to.
  • Test it out. Play it on your computer. Redo if you are not satisfied. Do the same steps when doing s slideshow involving pictures for a presentation. Just make sure that your slideshow software is updated and has sound integration facilities.

Camcorders available on the market today often sport miniature plugs similar to an iPod headphone interface. Higher end video cameras use an XLR jack. You might want to invest in an XLR adapter An XLR interface can make sound quality crystal clear.

You don't need all of these when you have a Flip video, though. It already has an omnidirectional stereo microphone. Doing some video voice over can be expensive. However, with a little bit of ingenuity, you can do your YouTube videos with voice overs just by using your Flip video, one of the cheapest camcorders around. Compile your favorite photos of your family; add your voice telling the story of every picture and present is as a special gift on your family reunion. Capture a funny moment with your friends and add your narration on it and post it on YouTube or your blog: you will be the talk of the town. Create video memories more memorable and heartfelt by doing voice overs on your slideshows and videos.


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