How To Use a Portable Stage

When you are planning a musical or theatrical production, you might have to use a portable stage for that production. You may also have other events for which you will need a portable stage. It’s not as hard as you may think to create one and use one.

Building a Portable Stage

There are many ways that you can use a portable stage for your production, but you may not know how you can go about building the stage in the first place. The first thing that you will probably want to do is to find someone that can help you to build the stage.  Most stages are built from 2x4s and thick particleboard; extra supports are occasionally built under the stage floor.  If you have a couple of years of carpentry or home repair experience, you can create the plans and build it on your own. If you have experience building anything, you can build something as simple as a portable stage.

You may decide, instead, to purchase your mobile stage. This way, you will be able to hold your production without having to worry that you won't have a stage in the next show. These stages can be broken down and transported from one place to another as well as storage. You can purchase small models online at Music&Arts, Food Service Direct, and Hertz Furniture Systems.

Uses for a Portable Stage

There are a few different uses for a portable stage if you think about it. The first use is for an acting production. These productions can be fun to put on, but if you aren't going to hold the performance at a theater but in a community center or park, you will need a portable stage.  Or, if you are going to be having the show at a hotel, you probably won’t have access to a stage and will need a portable version to help you with your production.  Stages are important because they elevate the performers so that their voices can travel and the entire audience can see them.

Special events such as speakers' luncheons, charity events, neighborhood fairs, and the like are also good reasons to use a portable stage. If you are hosting any event which features a speaker, then a portable stage will be important to give your speaker the attention she deserves.  In this case, you may also want to invest in a podium for your speaker.

If you are planning any kind of public event, a portable stage will definitely be helpful.  Whether you decide to purchase a stage or to make one from scratch, it's a wise investment for any small theater troupe, choir, or musical group.  You might think that the time and energy you'll spend to create or purchase a stage will be wasted - this is not the case. If you are willing to ensure that your group has a stage which meets your needs, you'll likely realize that you should have started using a portable stage a long time ago. 


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