How To Use Distillation to Get Clean Water

You can live around 8 weeks without food but without water you can only live about 4 days. That alone proves how important water is for humans. There are a lot of processes that are being done nowadays in order to come up with clean water. Distillation is one of them.

The process of distilling water is actually being done because of its known benefits. Not only does it free the water from any impurities such as viruses and bacteria. It also makes the water to taste purer and cleaner in a safe and trusted way.

The Distillation Process

Distillation basically works by allowing water to evaporate and then condense. In this simple process, water is purified. Here is the step-by-step process to see how distillation purifies water:

  1. The water, or dirty water, is first heated.
  2. Once it reaches its boiling point, the water will automatically evaporate.
  3. While the water is evaporated, it is in the form of steam. This steam is then transferred to another container, which is called the cooler.
  4. As a result of the third process, all of the impurities will be in a solid state and will remain in the water distiller or boiler.
  5. All of the steam transported in the cooler is cooled down and results in condensation. This process results in the steam going back to liquid form, which is water. This condensed water is now free of any of the contaminants it has when it is first placed in the water distiller.

There are actually a lot of organizations that fund the distillation process of water in response to the water crisis that the world has today. Some agencies promote the use of only clean water. This is actually something to look forward to and not something to be afraid of. This is because there are various ways on how you can distill water. Surprisingly, some will not require any costly equipment. Check the following ways to distill water.

  • Distilling Water at Home - It is true that you can make your very own distilled and purified water at home. Interestingly, all of the tools you need can be found in your kitchen. You need a burner, a pot, a lid and a container. You first need to heat the water in the pot over the burner. When the water begins to boil, cover the pot with the lid. Then, from time to time, you may collect in another container the vapors in the lid. The water you are transferring to the container is already the distilled, clean water.
  • Solar Still Distillation - This process uses solar energy in distilling the water. Solar radiation is being used to evaporate the water here. This kind of distillation is useful and effective even with contaminated water and seawater. It's no wonder why countries with water crisis are serious in giving funds to enhance this method.

There are still different methods that effectively work in water distillation. Some even include a higher source of energy for the evaporation of the liquid.

Though distillation is widely known, this act of purifying water is being faced with a lot of questions. Some even say that this action towards water problems is not that effective, especially in clearing the impurities present in the water. However, distillation remains one of the simple but best ways in providing clean water to the majority of the world's population today.


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