How To View Trailers for the Latest Videos in Theaters

Have you ever had an “Aw shucks, I missed it!” moment? Did this happen after standing up and leaving a movie theatre because you were done watching a movie? You know… the part where the end credits of a movie rolls up the screen? And then you find out after that the latest clip of a predicted hit movie was shown to the audience and you totally missed it!

In most Asian countries, movies and videos are shown before the feature film so audiences don’t really get to miss it. It’s a marketing strategy to hype up and coming movies to an international audience. The foreign market contributes mega bucks almost as much as the domestic market, that’s why.

Anyway, don’t fret because missing the latest clips of the latest films shown after a feature movie can now be seen even outside of a movie theatre. Besides, this is so traditional – showing video clips and movie trailers inside theatres - it’s like going back to the time when movies were in black and white. It’s passé.

Today, there are a gazillion ways you can view trailers for the latest videos or movies that you want to see.

  1. Ask your theatre operator for a list of movie trailers and videos that they expect to show before or after a feature movie. You can expect that the production company who produced the feature movie will throw in clips of their up-and-coming movies.
  2. Visit the movie’s official website where you can find the latest clips and trailers of the movie you want to catch.
  3. Download movie clips and video trailers into your mobile devices. You can download from iTunes or view clips via Twitter.
  4. Check out websites featuring the Top 10 Box Office movies showing trailers and movie clips.
  5. Use your laptop and computer for the latest wave videos. Note though that you have to be invited to view the wave video of the movie or video clip in question.
  6. Check out your local cable operator for segments on movies to watch out for.
  7. If you’re out of the house, ask somebody to TIVO it for you.
  8. Surf the net for the latest trailers and video clips that you want to see and in HD yet! Just make sure you have the proper application like QuickTime Movie to view it.
  9. If you have advanced tickets for a feature film or movie, make an effort to be there on time and stay until the last of the credits are rolled for bonus features that might be shown for a sneak peak or preview.
  10. As a last resort, take this missed opportunity as your chance to catch the movie and video on DVD.

As a serious movie buff, catching film clips and videos of a movie in production is like savoring appetizers before the main course. It heightens the experience before the feature film is served up for your enjoyment. If you missed your chance because you walked out of a movie theatre posthaste, it’s not too late to catch it the next time. So sit back, relax, and turn to your medium of choice for your movie fix!


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