How To Watch a Movie Trailer

There was a time that the only way you could watch a movie trailer was by visiting your local movie house. Movie trailers are shown before the main picture, and give scenes and descriptions of movies coming out later in the year. Once movies came to home video, movie trailers were watchable on DVDs and video tapes. These days it is even easier to watch movie trailers by looking for them online.

There are Web sites dedicated entirely to watching movie trailers. You can do a search on a search engine such as Google by entering the words "movie trailers" to find Web sites filled with these trailers., for example, has a huge list of movie trailers you can watch on your computer or a device such as an iPod., Netflix and Rottentomatoes are all movie-related Web sites that let you watch a movie trailer online.

Most movies these days have Web sites that are created just for the movie itself. The Web site will provide information about the movie, such as the director and stars. There will be photos and other footage from behind-the-scenes. Also, movie trailers will be added to the site. So, another method for finding and watching a movie trailer is to search for the film's Web site and check for the various movie trailers posted there.

YouTube is also a great place to find movie trailers. Many movie makers post their movie trailers there first to reach the large number of Internet users. You can search YouTube with the name of the movie and you will often find many movie trailers for the same movie. Many movie studios release multiple movie trailers so you will have quite a few to watch or choose from when you do your search for movie trailers on YouTube. Some movie studios are now making movie trailers available on other social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace.

In each case, when you find the movie trailer you want to watch you generally just need to click on the "play" button which is normally located just below the box or screen in which the movie trailer will be displayed. Sometimes you might have to lick on the large "play" button in the middle of the small screen in which the movie trailer is shown. The movie trailer will then play in the box which you can adjust to fill your screen if you wish.


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