How To Win the National Lottery with Number-Picking Tips

“What would you do with a million dollars?” Most people would probably answer that they’d like to buy a sports car. Or perhaps some would buy a home for their family. Some would donate a big chunk to charity. A million dollars — or more not be that easy to earn, but what if you can win this through lottery? Before one gets the million dollars in his hands, he still has to choose numbers for that lucky lottery ticket.

While winning the lottery mostly relies on chance, there are some some tried-and-tested number-picking tips on how to choose the right numbers for a better likelihood of winning.

Never let anything pass. All the numbers that make themselves known and appear to you in any way all have meaning. It may be the number of people standing before you in a line, it may be the number of kites that you see flying in the sky just as you look up, or it may be the number on your favorite basketball player’s jersey. List these down. These might be signs.

Dreaming of numbers? They could win you the million bucks. When you dream about numbers, write them down as soon as you wake up. Studies show that dreams are a way of making our subconscious known. Who knows? Your subconscious could be giving you tips to win that lottery prize that’s rightfully yours.

Keep a record of all previous winning numbers. If you’re the math- and statistics-oriented person, this method is for you. If you’re that kind of guy that has nothing to do but sit down every night at 9 o’clock, with nothing better to do than to wait for the winning numbers, well, this could be something that might interest you. Why not list down all the winning numbers and keep a record of it? This way, you might tally which numbers come up the most number of times and you might tally those that come up the least as well. This could help you formulate a combination based on what is most likely to come up next time.

Don’t pressure yourself too much. It will come to you. Adding tension to the already stressful job of picking the right numbers will only add to the negative vibes that you might feel towards the lottery. Relax. Take a deep breath. Place yourself in that state of calm where you can let the numbers float around in your head. Then when you get that moment of inspiration, don’t let the moment pass. Usually, as in all things, decisions made in the state of calm and tranquillity are the best decisions. The right decision, in this case, could involve the numbers floating in your mind.

Use a software. If you’re not the number-crunching type of person, there are various software you can download from the Internet that might be able to help you with a combination. Some of these even let you enter historical winning combinations, which could help give a good guess of what might come up as the next winning combination.

You can do all that or simply try being spontaneous. Spontaneity more often than not results in good-natured fun. Try showing up at the lottery station, get a card and just simply mark down any number your pen points to. Or you could just ask the lottery operator to give you a random, “lucky pick.” You’re relying on chances, after all, so maybe you can have some fun with it as well.


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