How To Win Your School's Talent Contest

A talent contest is where you can showcase a skill together with other participants.  One or more judges rate the performances against a given criteria.  At the end of the contest, winners are announced based on who garnered the best scores.  Joining talent contests in school is a great way for you to hone your talent.

A number of popular celebrities and bands where discovered in school talent contests.  There are even talent schools that exist specifically to train and hone their students’ singing, dancing or performing skills.  Participating in competitions helps build your talent resume.  Agents are known to watch performance competitions to talent hunt for new clients to represent.

Before entering a talent show, decide what your best talent is.  Unless the talent show is specific – for singing, dancing, or interpretative reading, you can pretty much show what you can do best.  Your talent can be juggling, fire dancing, doing magic tricks or playing an instrument.  Go for a talent that is original to set you apart from the competition.  Otherwise, put a twist on your performance to make it memorable.

Once you have selected a talent to showcase, then you can prepare to win the talent contest.  Here are some tips on how to win your school’s talent contest:

  1. Practice, practice, practice.  It’s a cliché but practice makes perfect.  You should practice your routine in front of different groups of people: family, friends or co-workers.  If possible, practice in the venue of the contest or at least familiarize yourself with the layout of the stage.
  2. Videotape your practice performances.  This way you can see what you did well, where you can improve and what other adjustments can enhance your performance.
  3. Watch performances of individuals or other talent shows.  You can pick up some tips and tricks from these performances.  However, stay with your own style and don’t mimic the performer.  Originality wins contests.
  4. Read online resources or books related to your talent.  If you are a budding magician or a pet trainer, you can probably find a number of reading materials as well as audio and video resources to improve your performance.
  5. Get a coach.  Find someone who can teach you how to perform your routine in the best possible way.  If your mom is a great baton twirler, ask her to coach you.
  6. Make sure all your tools for the performance work.  If you are going to sing, have several copies of your music with you just in case one copy does not work.  As a fire dancer, you should have ready matches to light for your torches.
  7. Wear the right outfit.  Make sure that your outfit is memorable for the right reasons.  What you wear should enhance your performance and not take away the spotlight from your talent.  Your hair and make-up should be impeccable as well.
  8. Keep a positive winning attitude.  Go into the competition with the intention of winning and doing your best. 
  9. Enjoy your performance!  A performer who is obviously having fun doing her routine will affect the audience in the same way.  The audience mirrors the energy of the performer.  Some judges take note of the crowd's reaction when rating a contestant.

Winning a talent contest is not easy.  It requires a lot of hard work.  You need to put your heart and soul in both the preparation and the actual performance.  You can only achieve your goal of winning the contest if you have confidence in yourself.  Remember, have fun and knock their socks off!


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