How To Write a Perfect Gift Card

Getting a gift card is easy. You can easily buy it anywhere. Writing a quick greeting like “Happy Birthday!” and signing off with your name can be a bit impersonal. If you want the recipient to really appreciate your gift then take a few seconds of your time to write a perfect gift card. A few points below can help you out.

  • Get a gift card that will match your gift wrapping paper. If you are buying a gift card that can be used to buy in a particular store then think hard. It should be something that matches what that person likes. Is he someone who is not really interested in sports? Then do not give him a gift card from fitness shops. Your intention could be good but it might end up being given away anyhow.
  • Is he a simple person or someone who would appreciate elaborate designs? Buy a gift card that is simple with light colors if he is the type of person who mostly keeps to himself. Buy a gift card that has colorful borders if he is an artistic person.
  • Before you sit down and write on that gift card, get a good writing pen. Check first if your pen is writing fine by testing it out on a piece of paper. You do not want to be writing “Happy” in clear ink and “birthday” fading away like a wave. Avoid using ink that could stain or smear over the gift card. It would be such a waste.
  • Write an endearing salutation. Instead of  “To my dear friend,” why not write something from a memory that you share? You can write “To my friend (his name) who drinks coffee more than water.” This line would make him smile and opening your gift could be something he would appreciate more. Perk up that greeting by doing such lines. It’s unique and it’s personal.
  • Write a brief message greeting him on such a joyous occasion. For a birthday you could write, “ A year older and looking younger.” For a wedding you can write, “ There could never be a couple as happy as you will be.” These maybe short phrases but it can compliment and give best wishes in a way that will touch the recipient’s heart.
  • If you want to add some more, you can add an inspirational or a funny quote before you end the card. Write also the author’s name and be sure to write legibly. After this you can end your card by signing your name and any additional information that he may need like your address. If you have a common name like Joe then sign off with your last name or a name that he calls you. It would be good to know who gave him the gift so he knows whom to thank at the end of the day.

Take the time to put some sincerity in writing gift cards. The recipient could be receiving a lot of gifts with the standard greeting. Make yours stand out by being much more personal. Sometimes, the message gets cherished more than the gift itself.


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