How To Write an Actor's Biography

An actor’s bio is normally included in the press kit, marketing and promotional materials used by the production company to generate publicity and awareness about the production and the actors playing in it. The actor’s bio should showcase his past achievements and give a brief insight into the actor’s personal life that will allow the audience to identify and bond with him and know something about his real self away from the cameras and stage lights. Most production companies employ publicists and PR people to take care of these things. If the production budget is tight, an actor can write his own bio, using some to the tips outlined below.

  • The bio should be written in the third person even if you are the one writing it. This gives your more credibility as you do not appear to flaunt yourself; rather another person is talking about your and your achievements. Writing the bio in the first person will make you boastful and blowing your own horn.
  • Include a list of your most notable achievements. Make sure that you include an achievement or two of being involved in a production that is relevant to the current one. You do not need to go into many details. There is limited space and you only need to cite those productions where you shined or made an impression as an actor.
  • Give some facts relating to your career and your achievement, like you got started, what perked your interest to pursue an acting career or maybe your inspiration. State facts truthfully and avoid flowery and long-winded sentences.
  • Be a good editor and edit what you have written. Your bio should be brief and concise. First, there is not enough space to in the press kit to include a lengthy bio as there are other actors and important people involved in the production that should also have their bio included. Second, the audience only has a limited time to read your bio. Remember that a bio is not a resume.
  • Include some personal information that will make the audience realize that you are also another human being. Allowing the audience to some interesting personal facts will keep you closer to them and will provide them with a reason to watch you. Include some funny anecdotes and or some things that your do out of the ordinary that can keep your audience hooked and probably smiling to learn that you have some quirky traits like the rest of them.
  • Keep your bio in one paragraph which can consist of about twelve sentences. Your bio should be direct to the point, providing interesting tidbits of information about your career, your achievements as an actor, and you as an ordinary person. Providing honest answers to the things that you know the audience would love to ask will endear you to your audience.

A bio is your chance to provide proof of your success as an actor without a grand declaration. Keep your audience interested in you by providing important information that you and your work and you as an ordinary citizen. People love learning facts about other people and supplying them with interesting facts will get them hooked and looking for more.


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