How To Write Words with a Calculator

Writing words with a calculator is a simple and novel activity that can be used in all sorts of situations. Just type in the right numbers or symbols, and you can read the resulting words when looking at the LCD screen upside down. Using these messages for lighthearted pranks or as display signs on the road are just a few ways these codes can be used.

1) First, you should either memorize or write down the alphabetical equivalent of all the symbols found on your calculator, either as they appear upside down, or right-side up. Just be creative, and keep aesthetics in mind! Here is a sample list:

0 = "O" or "D"
1= "I"
2 = "Z"
3 = "E"
4 = "H" or "A"
5 = "S"
6 = "G"
7 = "L"
8 = "B"
9 = "G"
x = "X"
+ = "T" (if the "+" symbol shows up on your screen)

Additionally, decimal points (".") make sentences a little more legible. For example, "3080.07734" is more legible calculator writing than simply "308007734".

2) Next, think of a word to write. The word should be made of letters that can easily be represented by a correctly interpreted number. Some commonly typed examples are: 07734 = "HELLO," and 008 = "BOO," 3080 = "OBOE," and 707 = "LOL." After typing your numerical word, simply turn your calculator upside down and show it to somebody!

The following is a very common joke that involves calculator writing. Just say the following narrative to a friend while typing in the corresponding numbers and performing the correct functions:

Once upon a time, there was a woman who was born in '69 (69). She wore dress size 222 (69222) and she lived on 51st street (6922251). Well, she went to go see Dr. X (6922251 x), and she was patient number 8 (6922251 x 8), and when she came out, she was... Now press the equal ("=") sign, turn your calculator upside-down, and discover what happened to the woman!

Other activities you can do with this phenomenon is teach it to a child who gets bored easily at school, or even tape your calculator upside down on a refrigerator. For example, if you're leaving the house right after finishing all the eggs, and have no paper, you can type "0.51.5993," or "5993.3507.1." As long as you're creative with your syntax and grammatical skills, you can communicate almost anything with calculator writing!


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