How To Make a Drama Film

Once upon a time, film-making was incredibly expensive and difficult. You had to be professionally trained in order to use the huge and complicated cameras, and you had to have enough money to afford all the camera, film and other expenses. However, today film-making is something anyone can do. For a very basic film, all you need is a script, a camera and an actor. If you would like to make a drama film, here is a list of steps that will help you realize your film-making dream.

Firstly, in order to make a good drama film, you need a story to tell. Film-making is all about the narrative storytelling element. Sure you can just throw together a montage of pretty images that relate to each other, such as a bunch of flowers or babies. But that's not a drama - that is a slide show. A story requires a beginning, middle and end, along with a conflict, protagonist, antagonist and resolution. Many people make the mistake of thinking that an idea is a story. For example, having a man slip on a banana peel is an idea. A story would be a man slipping on a banana peel, breaking his back and learning how to cope with his new life in a wheelchair while struggling to learn how to walk again. Once you have a story, write a script for your drama film.

When the script for your drama is complete, it is time to get a camera. You can rent a camera from a film store, or you can buy one yourself. If you are a serious filmmaker and want to invest in a high quality camera for this drama film, you may have to spend thousands of dollars. If you are a beginner or are not sure if you want to pursue film-making as a job or hobby, then consider buying a cheaper camera. You can find nice non-expensive cameras in the low hundreds.

Once you have acquired a camera, then the next step is to find an actor. The easiest way to find an actor is to recruit your friends and family. On the one hand, using family and friends is cheap because you can usually get them to work for free. On the other hand, they may be a terrible and/or unprofessional actor. You can try advertising for an actor on websites or in newspapers.

When you've found your actor, you're ready to start shooting your drama film. Give your actor a copy of the script and make sure they rehearse. Learn how to set your camera up and use it properly, and pick a good location. Then schedule a day to shoot your drama film! Good luck!


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