How To Build Your Own Rabbit Trap: Homemade Traps

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Homemade rabbit traps

When making a homemade rabbit trap, there are several things to consider. For instance, what type of rabbit is it that you wish to trap? If it is a common gray one that weighs around three or four pounds with a height of about ten inches, you will need to find some supplies such as a 12" branch of wood or stake for the rabbit to have clearance to get into the trap itself. You will also need some good marline (found in marine supply stores) or heavy twine and some picture frame eyes that are free of sharp edges.

The remaining materials should be fairly easy to come by. Ask a supervisor at a building site or lumber yard if they can give you some scrap wood, preferably oak flooring of around 12-14 inches or longer. Along with 10 square shaped 1"square newel cut-offs at least 12-16 inches long. You can use these for homemade traps.

Once you have these materials in hand, it is time to start making rabbit traps. Here's how to build your own.

Go to the garage or workshop to put it together. You will start by cutting the newel cuts first in a mitre box and marking them as follows with a felt tipped pen:
4 pieces of 14" marked "C"
4 pieces of 12" , 2 of which are marked Left and 2 are marked "Right"
4 pieces of 13" with 2 marked Front and 2 marked "Back"

  • Now it is time to cut the side cover boards:

12 pieces cut to 12 inches
12 pieces cut to 13 inches

  • Assemblywill require 1-1/2" wire brad type nails and a hammer.
  • Also, 2 "C" clamps and scrap 2X4, again from your building site.
  • Clamp 2 pieces marked "C'' on the 2X4 and clamp square and nail the pieces marked "Left "to part "C."
  • Repeat with the sides marked 'Right.'
  • Clamp assembly to the 2X4 and clamp square and nail parts marked "Front" to part "C."
  • Repeat for parts marked "Back."
  • Assemble both L shaped sections to form a box.
  • Cover top of the box with chicken wire, if available, leaving the bottom open.
  • Cut a notch in the branch deep enough to support it at the top and bottom.
  • Attach the marline, or heavy twine, to the branch using the picture frame eyes you have on hand.

And there you have it...a homemade rabbit trap that you built by yourself.

For operating instructions, consult a local boyscout! (or a boyscout manual)


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