Memorize a Speech Using a Mind Map

Most people have a fear of talking before an audience on stage. This experience can be extremely nerve-wracking, especially for those who are not at all used to speaking in public. This is especially worse if you have a prepared speech, but cannot remember a word of it. Holding written speech might not look as good as speaking from the mind and heart, though. So to help you with a speech you need to memorize, why not create a Mind Map?

Constructing a Mind Map. Your Mind Map is a graphic representation of the way you want to connect each point of information or data in your speech or presentation. Because a mind map represents how you think, you don’t necessarily have to follow rules made by other people. Make one that is useful to you. If your learning style is best when you use geometric shapes and straight lines, then you just have to use that. Here are a few tips.

First start with your main point or points. Write this down on a blank sheet of paper. Then continue to put different levels of information on the map in an organized pattern so that you are able to make sense of the data. Make use of different lines and arrows to show the relationship of one item with another.

Use colors and images. Creating a mind map is best done with the use of colored pens. With the subject on the center of the page, you can then organize your speech into main areas and then put a key word on each of the branches that start out from the center of the Mind Map. You need to make sure that the branches are connected by these single words, so they are easy to recall. You can also use as many pictures as you need to help recall the key words.

Be innovative and put a picture that connotes even the abstract ideas. Next, you need to be able to memorize your speech by taking the time to look for the key words that will help you in recalling the information.

Keywords and shortcuts. Your brain likes key words and shortcuts. Study your Mind Map and put it aside for awhile. When you are confident that you can see your speech in your mind’s eye, you need to practice it and review the information as you commit them to memory. You will then be able to memorize it easily, based on the keywords and highlights from the visual map. Color, key words and pictures are important, because you can better recall these than long lines of sentences.

Committing your speech to memory. Study the map that you have created and imagine that it is a big picture right in front of you. Look at it closely, then close your eyes and imagine the different divisions, lines, colors and arrows you have drawn. You need to do this several times so that you can really imagine your Mind Map and remember everything on it while doing the actual speech. You can also redraw your Mind Map on another blank sheet of paper, just to make sure you get all things in there. Make corrections as you go along.


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