How To Know Popular Levitation Tricks

Magic is, well, indeed, magical. Magic has been around for decades, and the more popular Harry Houdinis and David Copperfields of the world are very well-known by establishing themselves to be the best magicians around.

Whether it is a simple card trick, or more complicated acts where you ‘cut’ people in half while they are still smiling, magic does put a spell around its audience. Whether young or old, there are no old tricks, everything still seems new even if you have seen it a dozen times on cable TV.

These are some of the more popular levitation tricks for street magic that you may have seen on TV:

  • Money and Small Objects Levitation
  • Group Levitation    
  • The Chameleon
  • Cup Levitation
  • All Man Levitation
  • Amazing Ketchup Levitation
  • Magic Cloak Levitation
  • Dracula Rising Levitation

Here, we will show you how relatively easy it is to make bills and other small objects levitate. This is a simple trick with the use of uncomplicated props, but you can amaze your audience with this levitation trick. 

The Floating Bill and Other Small Objects Levitation

  1. First, you need an ‘invisible thread’ to perform this simple levitation trick. This type of thread can be bought from suppliers of magic supplies, or you can make one yourself by dividing fine polyester thread and get its single strands.
  2. Now, attach the end of the thread to a sticky material such as tape and hold it up (like on the upper part of a shirt or any solid object higher than the arms length of the magician). Performed in street magic, you can use a nearby tree to help you on this.
  3. Next, the magician would appear to be casting some spell and then the bill (or any small object) crunches and with little body and palm movements, it would look as if the item is levitating.
  4. With the thread being help up, and the other end of the thread holding up the bill, pulling your palms away from the item would make it appear as if it is floating, when in fact a small thread is holding it up.
  5. Before the onlookers can see anything ‘fishy’, the magician can just walk away, making the thread break up, and making the bill fall right back.   

Like all magic tricks, it is best to practice, practice and practice, before performing your ‘magic’ in front of audiences. Maybe magic’s biggest trick is making the audience believe that what is impossible, can be possible. No matter what people say, magic (or rather, magic tricks) will always continue to amaze people of all races, and people of all ages. With the accompanying drama, suspense and anticipation in every trick, magic will continue to grow and find ways to amaze us all. Trickery or not, levitation is one form of magic that will surprise audiences. Seeing things and people float in mid-air captures not just the interest, but the imagination and faith of the people who see it. 


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