How To Understand the Reading Festival of Music

A Brief History

The Reading Festival is a yearly music festival. It usually takes place in UK’s Leeds as well as in Reading. Because of the festival’s venue, the Reading Festival is said to be the twin of the Leeds Festival. The Reading Festival is known to be the oldest music festival today. It is also one of the most popular. The following genres tend to dominate the Reading Festival: punk, rock, and indie. Usually these twin festivals happen on the Bank Holiday in August. Since the festivals always occur together, they are officially known as the Carling Weekend. To know more about the Reading Festival, here is a brief discussion of its history:

  1. 1970. The dominating genres during this period were heavy metal, progressive rock, and blues. With the appearance of such bands as The Penetration and The Jam, the musical genre of punk rock came into existence. During this period, the Reading Festival tried to offer both punk and rock music. This caused a clash between fans to take place. Because of this clash, the Reading Festival began to highlight rock as well as heavy metal music.
  2. 1980. The same musical format was followed by the Reading Festival for this time. The established set-up during the 1970s became the model for this period. Most of the musical genres that set the stage on fire were: heavy metal, punk, as well as rock and new wave. Some of the acts staged during this time were Status Quo and The Mission. In 1984, the Reading Festival was banned. The location where the Reading Festival was usually held was claimed as a “spot for expansion” by the Conservative Party. Because of this expansion, the Hippie Festival at Glastonbury reached its peak. The opening of The Reading Festival now as Redding Festival was planned at Newbury; however, the plan did not come to fruition. It was in 1988 that the Reading Festival was diverted to commercial pop. During this year, the following dominated the stage: Meat Loaf and the Squeeze, as well as Bonnie Tyler and Starship. When indie as well as goth influences entered the music scene with the help of Mean Fiddler, less people were seen patronizing the festival. On the other hand, during the onset of 1992, the festival was again patronized by the public.
  3. 1991. Nirvana, Britpop, as well as Suede and Blur first set foot on the Reading Festival’s stage, creating a new stir and excitement.

It was in 1992 where Nirvana decided to hold its last concert at the Reading Festival. It was the time in which Nirvana’s front man, Kurt Cobain, was in a wheelchair.

During 1996, staging 'final' concerts became a fad at the Reading Festival. More and more bands took their final bows on the Reading Festival stage. One of those was The Stone Roses.

The Reading Festival listed the following bands in 1998: The Prodigy as well as The Beastie Boys. The Phoenix Festival was adopted by the Reading Festival in the same year.

Today, the Reading Festival is still at a peak of popularity. In fact, for this year’s event, the festival tickets were sold in two days. Additional tickets were also produced to accommodate its fans. If you want to see the Reading Festival yourself, you may download festival video clips from the Internet. You may also check on other festivals like Festival Columbus.


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