How To Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

When it comes to running your business, it is imperative that you find ways to celebrate those who work so hard for you on a daily basis. With just a tiny bit of effort on May 1st, you can make Administrative Professionals Day rewarding not only for your employees, but for yourself. Here's how to celebrate the day:

Loyal and hardworking administrative professionals are invaluable in a successful business; there are many ways to acknowledge them, most of which will not break the bank.   In fact, one of the most popular ways to celebrate a dedicated employee is simply to verbally acknowledge him for his work. Just to have management personally express that the work he does has been noticed and is appreciated is a huge part of what he is looking for.

There are also more traditional ways to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day, such as with cards and flowers or with small gifts. These are relatively inexpensive tokens of appreciation and can show your staff, even in the smallest way, that you are grateful for the service they've provided you all year. Although these gifts tend to be a bit more impersonal, simple trinkets like coffee mugs or plaques with quotes around the themes of gratitude or motivation are always a favorite on Administrative Professionals Day.

You could also take the opportunity to turn the Administrative Professionals celebration into a team-building exercise. Cater a lunch or, better still, have each member of the management team bring a potluck dish, and take the time to have a luncheon with your staff. An informal celebration that opens the floor for meaningful conversation between staff and management can help not only in boosting staff morale, but can give them a chance to express their thoughts, which is often quite valuable. You could present staff members with certificates, which can be printed for next to nothing. This can go a very long way toward showing appreciation of your staff's hard work, especially if you take the time to have them framed and present them in a celebration ceremony in front of the group. The only thing that feels better than acknowledgement is acknowledgement in front of your peers.

Finally, the simplest way to show your appreciation in celebrating your Administrative Professionals would be to reward them with what is universally important...more time. You could offer your staff members a half day off with pay, or perhaps just an extra long lunch break, to show them that you know how hard they work for you. Knowing that an employer understands the importance of the time that they give up to make the company successful, and making even a small effort to try to return some of that time to them, can truly make your staff feel appreciated.


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