How To Celebrate Argentina Independence Day

July 9 of every year is when Argentina celebrates Argentina National Independence Day, a celebration commemorating the Declaration of Independence drafted by the country in 1816. The growth of independence in Argentina dates back to 1810 when the citizens of Buenos Aires established the First Government Junta after the May Revolution, in which Argentina's citizens decided they should rule in the Spanish King's stead since he was imprisoned by Napoleon Bonaparte.

They also rebelled against several economic policies implemented by the Viceroy who was ruling in the Spanish King's stead. This taste of freedom spread throughout Argentina and ultimately throughout much of South America, as many former Spanish colonies began to crave independence and self-rule. More and more citizens began to dream of Argentina National Independence and they saw many economic and social advantages to ruling themselves rather than living under Spanish rule. General Jose de San Martin, celebrated as a hero of Argentina National Independence Day, won several victories against the Spanish government, which ultimately led to the Declaration of Independence and the celebration of Argentina National Independence Day.

July 9 is also known as the Birth Day of Argentina and is notable not only because the Declaration of Independence broke all of Argentina's ties with Spain but also because the Argentina's Congress of Tucuman decided to move away from Imperialism towards self-government. These events are both very special in the memories of all of Argentina's people which makes the celebration of Argentina National Independence Day especially important to the history of Argentina.

Argentina National Independence Day is a public holiday and there are no school or government operations on this day. Many people do have the day off of work and school in order to attend some of the commemorations and festivities. There are parades in the capital cities and military exhibitions, and some cities have outdoor festivals which include fireworks and music and dancing.

The capital city of Buenos Aires has one of the largest Argentina National Independence Day ceremonies with hundreds of thousands of people gathering every year to watch parades and join together in celebration. Other cities celebrate Argentina National Independence Day with smaller gatherings which might not involve fireworks or extravagant festivities.

Many families have also developed their own Argentina National Independence Day traditions, where they have a meal or a feast and spend the day together. It is not unusual to see many flags displayed on balconies and the fronts of houses and hear many cars honking in celebration of Argentina National Independence Day.  If you're interested in celebrating this holiday, it's easy! Just find some traditional Argentinian recipes and have some friends and family members over for an Argentina National Independence Day part.  You can find an Argentinian flag online and hang it from your house as a way of celebrating the day, or you can take the time to learn a few additional facts about this holiday and create a photo collage that represents what the day means to you...the possibilities are endless! 


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