How To Celebrate Canada Day

Canada Day!  Since 1879, Canadians have recognized July 1st of each year as Canada's National Day.  Communities around Canada will host activities commemorating this special day.  Here are some suggestions for your community or family Canada Day celebration.

Have a Parade

Nothing says celebration better than a parade.  To celebrate with a parade, begin planning the event by establishing a committee. A number of decisions must be made when planning a parade.  Make sure the committee includes individuals with the willingness to work hard and experience in event planning. You want the event to be a success.  The first item on the agenda of your first meeting should be to decide on the date.  If July 1st falls on a weekday, you might just wish to have the parade on the weekend during daylight hours.  More people can and will be in attendance when parades are held during the day.  Next determine each person's duties.  Decide which individuals will perform which duties.  Other decisions, such as how to get participants for the parade,  any charge for participating, the theme, which colors will be highlighted, obtaining approval or a license for a parade, obtaining security and determining a minimum or maximum number off entrants, will need to be addressed during this meeting.  Once you have an action plan, your parade plans should go off without a hitch.

Have a Barbecue

Celebrations are nothing if there is no food.  Everyone enjoys gathering around for the best barbecue in town.  If your celebration is going to include a barbecue, make sure you decide up front how much food you will need for the number of people attending.  Make sure there is enough food for everyone to enjoy themselves.  Plan your menu.  Nothing says barbecue like ribs, corn, watermelon, ice cream and cake!  Enjoy the events of the day; afterward, gather around the pool and eat.

Hold a Carnival

Carnivals attract large numbers of people seeking everything from games to rare finds and food.  Just as with a parade, you must plan your carnival several months in advance.  Again, form a committee of  individuals with experience and the desire to partake in planning the event of the season.  Meet with the group of event planners on a regular basis; your goal is to make sure everything comes together perfectly on the day of the event.  Determine whether your team is going to handle all activities on the day of the carnival or if you will need volunteers.  People seeking to sell inventory might jump at the opportunity to display their wares at a carnival.

Have A Concert

Many groups are available for the asking, just waiting to perform at events around town.  Many may require a small fee, but some may simply enjoy performing free. Concerts are an amazing way to celebrate special days or events.  Gather together a committee of people to make calls to musical groups within your city limits.  Ask their cost to perform and see if some will perform for free.  If possible, contact one major group for the event.  Some of the major players will also perform at no cost or at a low cost for some events, if they support the event and their schedules permit.


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