How To Celebrate Mother's Day

Mothers are often over-worked, under-appreciated human beings, and most of them need some love and encouragement every now and again. Hence, the idea of Mother's Day, a holiday on which we celebrate those who gave birth to us and gave their time, energy, and love so that we might be who we are today. Because mothers have given up so much of themselves for their children, it seems only right that we find some special ways to celebrate them on Mother's Day.

You can start with a card. And don't just go to the store and pick the first one you see on the rack. Take some time, read the words, think about what you really want to say. And what does your mother like? Does she like humorous things or more mushy things? Pick a card just for her that will express your appreciation and love for her. After you've picked a card, write your own personal message inside. Don't just sign your name, because once again, that requires barely an ounce of effort on your part. Give some time and thought to important words that will warm your mother's heart.

Gifts are always a great way to celebrate Mother's Day. But, once again, you can't just go to the store and buy roses and chocolates and think this is fine. Some moms don't like that. You could also just buy her a pretty shirt and call your job done. No, you've got to take time to find something your mother will love. Maybe she's into classical music. You can buy her a CD of Bach compositions. Perhaps she loves to cook. You could get her a new cookbook. Or maybe she's just worn out and tired. Consider giving her a certificate for a day at a local spa.

Mothers love to be lazy once in a while. Take advantage of this truth by serving your mother for a change. On Mother's Day, you could make her breakfast in bed or take her out for a meal. You could do her daily chores, take care of dinner, or wash her car. Just remember, she spent much of her life changing your diapers, cleaning up your messes, and driving you places. Don't you think she would love to lay back and relax for a day?

Really, mothers are easy to please, and just about anything will make them cry. Give a little time, a little thought, and a little effort when you celebrate Mother's Day and let your wonderful, hard-working mom know that she is the most-loved and best mom in the entire world!


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