How To Celebrate the First Day of Fall

Fall is a beautiful holiday, especially if you live in an area where the trees change color and the breeze turns cooler. With fall comes the anticipation of cooler weather, our favorite holidays, and the start of yet another school year. It is an exciting time and one well worth celebrating. The first day of fall, which comes the third week of September, is a time to think beautiful colors, warm foods, and fun games. You might want to consider creating a family celebration of this day each year.

Food is an important part of any celebration, and the first day of fall should be no different. Consider the foods that express autumn to you. Perhaps it's homemade hot chocolate or freshly-made, warm applesauce. Apple pie, french toast, or homemade bread could be on the menu as well. Foods made with apples, squash, or nuts are quite popular in the fall season. You might even consider taking the children to a local farm and picking your very own apples or buying fresh squash from the farmers' market.

For exercise and activities, you can take the family for a hike through the local nature park. If the trees are changing color, take some time to stop and stare at this awesome beauty. Take your camera along and capture memories of the colors, the views, and your family enjoying it. If there are leaves already on the ground, you can rake them and spend time jumping in the piles. The children will love doing this! (If you don't happened to have leaves in your area, you could buy fake leaves or cut out a bunch of paper ones and let the children jump in those!)

Fall means new decorations, especially as you prepare for the holidays. Out come the warmer colors in the home, the deep reds, greens, and browns. You can use apples and leaves as stamps for kids' projects, make paper-leaf garlands for the windows, or put a stash of fresh nuts as a centerpiece on the dining room table.

The first day of fall is also a great time to prepare the home for cooler weather. Change the sheets out from the light summer ones to the warmer sets. Bring out some blankets for the living room or beds to keep cozy on cool evenings. If you've got certain clothes stashed away, you can switch them out. Put the summer clothes in the back of the closet, and bring out the pants and sweaters.

Finally, get ready. Fall goes quickly. And before you know it, this season will past and you'll find yourself staring the holidays in the face. The first day of fall is a good reminder to start thinking about those holidays now!


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