How To Celebrate the First Day of Winter

The first day of winter is a great day to celebrate!  Here are some ways to make the day special:

Dress according to the weather and take a long walk around the neighborhood. Appreciate the beauty of nature. Are there still leaves on the trees in fall colors? Are the trees already bare? Is there snow on the ground? Make as many observations as you can about the day. When you arrive home, write all your observations down on paper. If friends or family members accompanied you on your walk, invite them to write down their observations, too. Gather everyone's papers together and make copies of each. Staple them together to form a booklet and give each participant a copy to celebrate the first day of winter. This is an excellent activity if you have children.

The holidays are just around the corner. Celebrate the first day of winter by completing your Christmas shopping. Circle the date on the calendar and make it your goal to make all your remaining purchases on that date, even if it takes all day! Invite a friend along, eat lunch together, and have fun. Buy yourself a small gift in celebration of the day, like a snow-globe, winter scene or anything else that you will enjoy seeing all year long.

If you have already finished your Christmas shopping, celebrate the first day of winter by holding a gift-wrapping party. Buy lots of inexpensive wrapping paper, ribbons and bows. Don't forget to purchase plenty of tape. Invite your friends and family to come over and wrap presents together. Designate a large area of your home for most of the gift wrapping. Have a smaller private area available in case guests need to wrap presents for one of the other guests. Serve hor d'oeuvres which can be handled and eaten with toothpicks so that people can snack without slowing down the process.

Get your friends and family together for a first day of winter celebration. Challenge everyone to make a winter-related dish and vote for the best tasting one. You can also play winter-related games. Play charades, but make all the answers related to the season. Cut snowflakes out of doilies or construction paper and hang them all around the house. Set up an arts and crafts table with supplies and suggestions so that each guest can create a souvenir to take home.

Take the time to celebrate the first day of winter and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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