How To Choose a Christmas Tree

Choosing a Christmas tree can be a fun process for the entire family.  If possible, you should bring your whole family to the lot when you choose a Christmas tree, because it's a bonding experience that you will also remember for many years.

  1. The first thing you should look for is a tree that is even on all sides.  Usually, sellers will place their trees so that the most attractive areas of the tree face the aisles.  Customers may not notice missing or damaged branches or areas that appear blank until they actually get home. Make sure you look at the entire tree before you buy it.  Make sure it has plenty of branches for ornaments and appears strong and healthy.
  2. Next, you should try to ascertain how long the tree has been cut.  Sometimes you can tell at first glance, because some of the needles will be brown, but this isn't always reliable.  Evergreen trees can often stay green for weeks after cutting if they are properly cared for.  The best way to tell how long a tree has been cut it to shake it gently or pick it up and slam the trunk into the ground with a moderate amount of force.  It's normal for a few needles to fall off during this process, but if more than a few fall, it's probably been cut for too long.
  3. Make sure to choose a Christmas tree that is the right height for your home.  Ideally you would want to choose a tree that was approximately the same height as the tallest member of your household, or slightly taller.  This would give that tallest member the ability to place the tree topper on the top bough safely.  Remember to leave room for the tree topper.  You don't want the topper to touch the ceiling. You may also need to choose a tree that is shorter than normal if there is a ceiling fan near the spot where your Christmas tree will be displayed.
  4. You may also want to select a Christmas tree that has a strong scent.  Not only is this indicative of a fresher tree, but many families really enjoy the scent.  For some, it's one of the defining issues of the holiday season.  It can make your whole home smell like Christmas.
  5. Finally, be sure to check the tree thoroughly for any major health issues.  If the trunk is damaged, it may not stand up properly. If branches are cracked, they could fall off once you get home.  It's important to choose a Christmas tree that the whole family will love, but your joy could turn to heartbreak if you aren't careful to choose the healthiest tree possible.



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