How To Choose Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Colorful Christmas stockings

Christmas is one of the most cherished time of years for many people.  They like to get together, enjoy a good meal and exchange gifts. There are many different traditions that families choose to follow. One timeless tradition is the hanging of the stocking to get small gifts. This tradition dates back hundreds of years ago.  When one goes to choose Christmas stocking stuffers, they want to pick items that are suited for each individual to their likes.  Here's how to create some good Christmas stocking stuffers that people of all ages will enjoy.

Choosing Christmas stocking stuffers for children can be fairly easy.  The stores have plenty of smaller items kids will like. If you're shopping for an older baby or toddler you could purchase some age appropriate items such as a cup featuring their favorite cartoon character, a small toy like a rubber ducky and maybe a small stuffed animal.  Frogs and ducks are very popular amongst this age group.

For older children choosing Christmas stocking stuffers will depend upon their age and gender.  For most girls, you could pick out some age appropriate jewelry, hair ribbons, and children's makeup.  You could also include a small pocket size doll. For boys you could choose to get them some bouncy balls, some jacks, an inexpensive hand-held game or some trading cards of some sort. Some Christmas stocking stuffers that both boys and girls would enjoy would be a yo-yo, jacks, or a small card game such as UNO.

For older kids including pre-teens and teenagers, it can be a bit trickier considering how kids this age can be so fickle and vague.  For girls you can always choose items such as makeup, hair clips, miniature bottles of perfume or body spray, or some nice smelling body wash.
For boys of this age you can choose a miniature bottle of cologne, a CD of their favorite band, or a gift certificate to a video game store or movie theater. Some Christmas stocking stuffers both older boys and girls will enjoy would be gift cards to their favorite clothing store, music and movie store, movie rental place, or to purchase music online for their media player.

Adults like Christmas stocking stuffers too.  Gift cards are again, a popular choice for either men or women.  Women would enjoy small bottles of their favorite perfume, and men small bottles of their favorite cologne too.

One option that is popular for the young and the old is candy.  Filling a stocking with someone's favorite candies will surely make them happy on Christmas morning. Stores also sell sugar-free candy for those who need it.

Do some research to what exactly your family likes, and you'll be on your way to choosing the best Christmas stocking stuffers.


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