How To Choose Girls Easter Dresses

If you have girls, it's almost mandatory that they have new Easter dresses every year. Easter wouldn't be entirely complete without having something fancy and frilly to wear to the Sunday morning church service and then out to a family brunch or dinner. Aren't the greatest family pictures those of the kids dressed up in their Easter finery, holding their baskets and candy with looks of excitement and thrill spread clear across their faces? Even if those dresses are only worn once, they are a necessary part of the occasion, and one you'll need to spend quality time choosing.

In some homes, Easter dresses are sewn every year. This is a great option especially if you don't want something commercial looking or similar to what every other girl in church will be wearing. Sewing your own dresses can be an exciting project both for you and your girls. They'll love getting to help pick out the patterns and fabric, the ribbons and lace, the buttons and embellishments. Even more so, they'll love seeing their dress go from a stack of materials to a finished project. You can even make matching dresses for their favorite dolls! If you happen to be a creative person, have some sewing knowledge, and can find a bit of free time, sewing Easter dresses makes for a great annual tradition. And if you don't sew, maybe Grandma or Aunt Susan does. Ask around!

Most people will go to the nearby shopping mall or department store when in search of girls' Easter dresses. You'll find everything bright and girly, dresses full of pink, light greens, and flowers. You might find dresses with bunnies or eggs on them, but generally they'll be topped with lace, ribbons, and buttons. As the mother, think practical first. If your daughter is crazy about a certain sleeveless dress made out of light material, but you happen to live in an area that always snows on Easter, you might have to forgo that option. But, you can think of ways to make the dress practical for the occasion through stockings or matching coats.

The most important thing when choosing girls' Easter dresses is to find something they love. They'll be the one wearing it, so don't make them wear something they feel is hideous or unpleasant just for your own sake. Let the girls enjoy themselves, and you'll wind up enjoying the dresses too.


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