How To Choose Toddler Easter Dresses

If you're choosing an Easter dress for a toddler, several factors need to be considered when selecting the perfect outfit for your family's festivities, such as your budget, the activities planned, and the temperament of the child. From big chain stores to small boutiques, there are many styles and price ranges to choose from.

Choosing an Easter Dress for a toddler has become an easier experience with the addition of discount retailers such as Target and Wal-mart. These stores now offer a wide array of springtime dresses that are perfect for Easter that are a fraction of the price of children's boutiques. This could be an excellent choice for a budget-conscious family. Also, the dresses can have a more informal look to them, making them perfect for a more casual get-together. These styles of dresses are also a great choice for an outdoor activity, such as an egg hunt. The more casual approach to an Easter dress can also work well for a child who does not enjoy dressing up.

More traditional styles of Easter dresses are available in local children's boutiques, in addition to stores such as Baby Gap and Gymboree. The stores often have pricier dresses; complete with more accessories, such as matching cardigans, socks, shoes, and hair accessories. You are also more likely to find Easter hats and gloves in these stores. This is a perfect choice for more formal activities, such as church services, pictures, and family dinners. This style of dressing is better for children who either enjoy dressing up or are used to having to dress up more formally. Often these dresses have built-in layers of tulle under the dress, creating a fuller look. Some children delight in wearing fuller dresses, while others prefer a more simple style and freedom of movement that is not always possible with these choices.

Deciding on an Easter dress can be made easier by thinking about the activities planned and what your child would enjoy wearing. A lot of time and energy can be saved by narrowing your search to a couple of stores that fit your needs. Children can be stubborn when it comes to trying on clothes, so limiting the number of stores and the choices within each store can make the experience more manageable for both the children and the parents.


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