How To Come up with Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Decorating your Christmas tree is one of the most enjoyable traditions, with unlimited ideas. All you need is a good imagination, and an idea of what you would like the tree to look like.

Christmas trees are often decorated using a theme. For instance, if you like Disney characters, you can start a collection of ornaments with Mickey Mouse, Minnie and Donald Duck. You can also find ribbons, small wreaths, etc. in this same theme, to place on your tree.

If you would like a more traditional looking tree, go through any boxes of ornaments you or your family members may have stored in the attic or basement. You can often find historic ornaments that just need to be cleaned up a bit. Good places to find the older style of Christmas decorations are rummage or yard sales, and don't forget thrift stores too. Someone else's trash may turn out to be your treasure, as far as decorating your Christmas tree in the theme you've chosen.

If you would like a traditional Christmas theme, try to purchase your ornaments in the summer. You will find they are less expensive then right before Christmas time. One such traditional theme is to start out with lights that resemble candles. In the past, they actually put real candles on their tree branches, but that is not recommended now of course, due to the risk of fire. There are several companies that offer electric lights in the shape of candles though, and you can prop them near the tips of the Christmas tree branches, to give the effect of a real candle flickering.

To go along with this, you may want to string popped popcorn and cranberries. To avoid the mess of using real cranberries, there are plastic strings available that look quite real.

For ornaments of this type of tree decor theme, you will want to use the old fashioned glass ornament's, usually in the colors of red, gold, green and silver. Don't be afraid to try natural, homemade ornaments for this style of decorating. If you are going for a traditional style, anything rustic and country looking will only express your theme more. Using ribbons in the same color as your bulb is a nice idea, along with small bunches of dried flowers, tiny holly wreaths, wooden birds in nests, and wooden toy ornaments. If they are too heavy for the branches of your tree, try using thin tie-wire to keep them in place.


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