How To Get Creative Ideas for Valentine's Day Gifts

If you want to go beyond the basic card, flowers, stuffed bear, or box of candy for Valentine's Day and give your sweetheart something truly unique, there are many ways to come up with creative ideas for Valentine's Day gifts.

It's important to really think about the person to whom you are giving the gift when trying to come up with creative ideas for Valentine's Day. Does your Valentine collect anything? Do they have a favorite musician, author, artist, or are they a real fan of the movies? You can create a one-of-a-kind gift basket including things related to that theme. How about filling up a basket with her favorite author's latest novel, add in a fun coffee mug and some packets of cocoa along with her favorite cookies, and you've given your Valentine license to spend a rainy evening by the fire reading and enjoying some yummy treats. For the home chef, a new kitchen gadget along with a recipe book from his favorite chef and a new apron or whimsical kitchen timer will make an outstanding creative gift.

And lest you think jewelry isn't a creative gift, you haven't thought about personalizing it. Add a line from your sweetie's favorite poem to the inside of a bangle bracelet, or a lyric from his favorite song on the inside of an I.D. bracelet. This is sure to impress, and it's definitely personal.

Even if money is tight, there's no need to feel like you can't be creative on Valentine's Day. As a harried mother of twins, my first Valentine's Day as a new mom was stressful and money was tight. I got a series of pictures of our babies and created a hand-made photo book for my husband, complete with funny and affectionate captions. To this day he says it was one of the best gifts he's ever gotten. It cost me some time, but other than that, it was virtually free and the smile on his face was priceless. Everyone loves to look back at good memories, so this type of gift is terrific for almost anyone.

Whether you spend a little or a lot, the successful creative Valentine's Day gift will be one that is thoughtful and comes from the heart. Start paying attention to what your Valentine says by listening for clues about things she likes, enjoys, or wishes for. Then have fun putting those thoughts into action by creating a personalized gift.


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