How To Come up with Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

There are so many different unique gift ideas that can be given at various occasions.  Don't rely on the boring store gifts that everyone has.  Here's how to get started on unique and extraordinary gifts that no one has seen before.

Pins are great to wear for any occasion like birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or just something that will make you stand out when you are out in public.  You can easily make pins with items that any craft store will have.  You will need: clear gems (like a mancala game piece), white piece of paper, a pattern, glue and a pin.  What you do is take a clear gem and attach it to a round piece of paper with a design on it that is the same size as the gem.  There are so many different patterns you could use like a Christmas tree, flower, birthday cake or even a picture of your favorite person!  You will either need to stamp the pattern onto the piece of paper or print it on the computer.  After that step is done you will need to take the patterned piece of paper and glue it to the clear gem with a type of glue that will dry clear.  The gem will give the pattern a pretty neat effect as it will appear to stand out more.  Next, you will take a backing of a pin and glue it to the other side of the piece of paper!  Now you have a pin to wear or to give to your friends!

Another idea for a spectacular present is a diaper cake for a baby shower.  First, you roll up diapers into a circle first starting with about 15 diapers.  You will then create the next layer by rolling up 10 diapers and sticking them on top of the 1st layer.  After that you will make the top layer with 5 diapers and sticking them on top of that.  When you are finished layering the "cake" you will need to hold the diapers together to prevent them from unrolling and falling off.  You now have the outline of the cake which kind of looks like a pyramid.  You then can add any decorations you want including things that the baby will need like a bib, baby bottles, nuks, etc.    This is an easy and effective-looking gift!  People will love the creativity and the items come in handy too!

There is no need to shop in stores anymore when you have the creativity to create your own neat gifts.  People will love the thoughtfulness and time that you spent on their gift.  Most people prefer things that come from the heart anyway.


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