How To Display Christmas Yard Decorations

Putting up Christmas decorations in the yard is an age-old tradition for many families, with decorations often being passed down for generations. For the novice, it can seem a tad confusing. Here are some tips on how to display Christmas yard decorations in a festive layout that anyone can appreciate.

The very first thing you want to do is to decide on a theme. This will help you avoid excess decorations and the resulting cluttered look. A theme is also more appealing to people passing by your house. There are countless themes from which to choose, such as Nativity themes, Santa Claus-related decorations, or Winter Wonderland themes just to name a few.

To get started, the easiest place to start might be with your bushes or trees. Decorate those with lights and garlands just as you would decorate the Christmas tree inside of your home.  Adding smaller decorations like balls or other ornaments may be overkill, although a few brightly-colored bows can brighten up the tree.  To save on electricity, it is suggested that you use LED lights.  Using the same lights on the tree that you use in the yard will make your Christmas decorations look really sharp.

If you are going with something religious like a Nativity scene, you can put up your Christmas decorations in the middle of your yard to draw additional attention to the scene. Make it your spotlight attraction. Plant the figures firmly in the ground. You should also highlight the figures with white lights rather than a bunch of colorful lights.

If you are going with something fun such as Santa Claus, be creative! A great idea is to line your walkway with candy cane figures. Using an inflatable Santa Claus figure can add festivity to your yard. It cannot be stressed enough to make sure that these decorations are planted firmly into the ground as they will otherwise blow away. Plant some wire reindeer decorations a few feet away from Santa to make it look as if he's taking off. If you have some fake snow stashed away, now is the time to bring it out and sprinkle it on the yard.

For an added "wow" factor, add music to your theme. Also consider twinkling or blinking lights, but make sure your yard is not smothered in too many decorations. If you stuff too many Christmas decorations in your yard, it's sure to be an eyesore. You want to create Christmas spirit, not spoil it. Also make sure all of your lights are for outdoor use, as well as your extension cords and electrical outlets - using lights that are rated only for indoor use may lead to a fire.


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