How To Do Christmas Crafts

Christmastime calls for lots of creativity and craft making. Crafts are a great thing to do with children whether they are your own or students, and the items made can be given away for presents. Crafts made by kids are typically grandparents' favorite gifts every season! If you plan to have a Christmas party or gathering of any sort, crafts are a fun time-filler. Here are some ideas for Christmas crafts.

If working with children, most of your Christmas crafts will consist of construction paper, glue, crayons, and glitter (a very popular part of any child's Christmas craft). You can start by making paper chains out of strips of green, red, and white construction paper. Kids can either tape or glue the ends of the strips together or you can help them with the stapler if they cannot use it themselves. Another simple craft for kids to make is personal Christmas cards using stencils, small pictures from magazines, or their own drawing skills on construction paper, typing paper, or heavy cardstock.

The kids can make cottonball snowmen, popsicle stick Christmas trees, or pipe cleaner angels. Or better yet, give them a bunch of craft supplies and see what creative things they can come up with. You might get several library books or websites to help spark ideas.

Supplies you will probably want to have on hand include paper bags, Christmas scrapbook paper, foam, felt, glitter, cardstock, jingle bells, markers, paints, crayons, curling ribbon, stickers, cotton balls, popsicle sticks, and perhaps even some fabric scraps. You can give the children Christmas cookie cutters as well to help them make shapes with the paper, fabric, or foam. Make sure to spread some covering over the work area and let the kids go at it.

There are many pre-packaged Christmas crafts for kids and adults alike available through local catalogs or craft stores. These might include beaded ornaments, foam manager scenes, decorated stockings, or numerous paper crafts. You can make foil bells, gingerbread ornaments, a Christmas countdown calendar, and paper snowflakes. Pre-packaged crafts are great to get for larger groups, especially craft rooms, because they usually come with several sets of supplies in one.

For older crafters, try making more elegant and intricate paper snowflakes out of plain white paper. You can also paint Christmas tree balls or any number of wooden items such as trays or shelves. It's fun to get groups of people together for a Christmas card or gift bag crafting party, and what you make will be well-received gifts.

Christmas is the perfect time to let your creativity go wild, so grab some supplies and get crafting!


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