How To Find a Specialty Christmas Market in the UK

There are several places in the UK that conduct specialty Christmas markets on or before the holiday season. Italy is a remarkable place to visit on holidays not only for its magical sites depicting the ancient times but also for other events that only they can do. Specialty Christmas markets spread all over Italy are supported by genuine Italian craftsmen who support the activity. The following Christmas markets are found not only in Italy but also in other famous European places:

  1. Epiphany Fair, Piazza Navona - The Plaza Navona in Rome during the holidays is filled with booths selling homemade cakes, handmade lace handkerchiefs, biscuits and delicate carvings of wooden creations. The nativity scene is always part of the display. Father Christmas has been created for picture taking purposes. The air is filled with toffee and chestnut aroma, which transforms the plaza into a real Christmas fair.
  2. Prato, Tuscany - Around the Town Hall called the Prato in Tuscany, about fifty booths have been erected for different kinds of gifts on the Saturday prior to Christmas each year. Antique books and pretty linens are sold in the Christmas market.
  3. Bastia Umbra, Umbria - Bastia Umbra in Umbria is famous for its 13th-century house of worship, the Santa Croce church. On Sunday prior to December 21 of every year, a knick-knack fair emphasizing local handicrafts and stamps is held.
  4. Campo San Maurizio, Venice - On December 16-18 of every year, the Campo San Maurizio near St. Marks in Venice  has collectors who come together to sell paintings and small objects both new and antique. Items are expensive, but it is always a wonder to see hand crafted decorations more than 400 years old.
  5. Trentino in Alto Adige - The Trentino market is wonderful during the holiday season. It sells breath-taking works of art, which may be used as decor or gifts. This mountain community is ideal to be visited after dark because of the hundreds of illuminating lights and the rich smell of chocolate and cider that fills the air.
  6. Prague - Wooden huts are brightly decorated with Christmas ornaments and handicrafts. The celebrations and preparations for Christmas in Prague start in December which is also the feast of At. Barbara. Stalls sell the traditional hot sausage while other stalls sell hot mulled wine and Czech handicrafts.
  7. German Market in Leeds - About a month before Christmas, the German market in Leeds puts up a lot of stalls to sell old fashioned wooden toys, homemade candles, hats, arts and crafts. The food and the beer hall are the best parts of the market.

Specialty Christmas markets in the UK prove to be really popular. Other adjoining places can also make money from the market clients. Sales of branded wines and specialty drinks rise up in November and December each year. A cruise on River Main in order to stay in hotels in Prague for the Christmas market is a festive vacation. Apart from the Christmas market shopping, visitors have time to enjoy the guided city tour in the Bavarian village of Miltenberg, among others.


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