How To Find Christmas Games for Kids

Do you need a party to play inside during the Christmas season? It is hard sometimes to come up with exciting Christmas games to play to keep kids entertained for a few hours, but now you can.

Game #1 is the Snowball Dance and a great girl-boy party game to get everyone dancing. All the girls stand on one side of the room and the boys on the other. One girl and one boy are picked to dance for one minute, then some type of signal is given and at that time the girl and the boy choose new partners. This will continue until everyone is dancing.

Game #2 is the Three Legged Race. You need a pair of pantyhose that are big enough to fit two kid’s legs, a big rubber-band or a string to tie the pantyhose closed, and something to use as a finish line. You will need to pair up the kids. Have each pair of kids place a leg in the stocking and secure it at the top. Next put everyone in a line and make sure there is nothing in the way to hurt anyone or get knocked over. The winner of the race is the first to go over the finish line.

Game #3 is the Christmas Scramble. You will need index cards and paper bags. Have someone choose a Christmas word like Christmas, Candy Cane, or Santa Claus and then write the letters of the word on two index cards. Make two sets of cards, then put a set in the paper bag. Next divide the kids into two teams and give each team a bag. The first team to figure out the word the quickest and correctly wins.

Game #4 is a very popular game and can be changed with the season, it is Pin The Nose On Frosty. You will need a big picture of Frosty, an orange circle for a carrot for each kid playing with their name on it, and a blindfold. Blindfold the player and spin them around and let them try to stick the nose where it's supposed to go.

Game #5 is Freeze Frame. All you need is Christmas music for this game. You will begin to play the music so everyone can start moving around and when the music stops they need to freeze in that position they are in when the music stops. This is a great game for any age.


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