How To Find Christmas Snow Scenes

Image of snow in the mountains

Christmas snow scenes always help set the mood and give you that giddy feeling you had as a kid when the festive decorations were everywhere and the holiday songs were humming.  Finding Christmas snow scenes, however, can be a nightmare if you don't know where to start. Do you open your wallet to get the right Christmas snow scenes?  Will you have to run from store to store, then rummage through the library?  Not necessarily.  Just channel your creative side and be open to ideas.  You can find Christmas snow scenes everywhere.

One great source for finding beautiful, funny or classic holiday snow scenes is the internet.  Sites like Yahoo or Google Images offer a variety of free pictures from which to choose.  Simply go to either site.  On top of the search pane, click on "Images" and type "Christmas snow scene".  For a specific image, type that instead and click Search.  

To get the best resolution, stick with large or wallpaper sized images.  Click on the image and save the image as a jpeg rather than a bitmap, as .jpg is an easier format to work with.  When you're ready to use the image, just pull it up and you're good to go.  These images also work great with software like Photoshop or Illustrator, because you can crop or edit them to get the right holiday winter scene.

Another excellent way to find Christmas snow scenes is by taking them yourself.  Grab your digital camera, button up your warmest coat, wrap that scarf tight and go explore your neighborhood.  You can check out your neighborhood park, the holiday decorations outside the mall, or just observe the people walking by.  Your holiday winter scenes can be a couple or family having a snowball fight.  They could be someone window shopping while carrying shopping bags.  You could photograph someone enjoying a nice cup of coffee or hot cocoa while sitting on a park bench.  You'll want to look for Christmas snow scenes that evoke a feeling or are reminiscent of fond memories.  Landscapes can achieve this, but don't limit yourself when looking for the right Christmas snow scene.

A third option for finding Christmas snow scenes is in the discount section of your local bookstore, within its abundant array of picture books. There are usually great deals on these books in the sale bins, especially during the holiday season.  So be kind to your wallet and check out the bargain rack.  It may be a workout trying to sort through those heavy books, but your wallet will appreciate it and you'll be able to find the perfect Christmas snow scene in no time.


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