How To Find Easy-to-Make Christmas Decorations

When you are trying to decorate your home for Christmas and are on a budget, there are a variety of ways to make your home personal, beautiful and full of holiday charm for very little money and only a little bit of your time. All that you need to have is a little creativity and plenty of curiosity.

The first place to look is in your kitchen, a wonderful place for Christmas decorations that are both fun and tasty. Starting with pre-made dough from the store, cut a variety of shapes out of the dough using cookie cutters, put a hole in the top for the ribbon, and then bake them as normal. Once done, allow them to cool and harden, then decorate them with items from around the house: buttons, glitter, glue, paint, or any related supplies that you have. Then, cover them with a clear sealer (in a well ventilated area) and allow them to dry. Once done, they are ready to have a ribbon strung through them and can be hung on the tree.

Another fun way to use pre-made dough is to roll it into long coils and then make it into a variety of shapes from hearts, candy canes and many others. Following the same directions as above, you can make a wonderful Christmas ornament that can serve as a picture frame for baby's first holiday, or just another shape to grace the tree.

Another creative and inexpensive Christmas decoration is to use clear, inexpensive Christmas balls that you can buy on clearance at the end of the season and tissue paper. Mix water and school glue together in equal amounts and then dip the tissue paper in the water for a short period of time. Then, gently lay the tissue paper on the ball and smooth it out carefully (or it will rip). You can also use pictures from magazines, newspapers, or other periodicals. Once it dries, you can put a layer of clear sealer over the top and let it dry. When done, you have a unique, personal ornament for the tree that you could never buy in the store.

The key to making inexpensive ornaments is to use what you already have around the house. Using your imagination and creativity, you will be surprised what you will come up with. Your holiday will be personal and special with what you make, and the time with family spent doing it.


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