How To Find Free Printable Holiday Calendars

When holidays keep on moving around the calendar, it's really advantageous if you can have one source of printable calendars that would allow you to have the schedule of holidays at your fingertips. Whether you're staying in your home country or traveling for leisure or business to a foreign land, a small calendar that alerts you when businesses are closed or when school will be out is a nice thing to have.

Online calendars are a good way of monitoring schedules when you are in front of your computer. But when you're out on holiday, traveling, or when you simply want to have a hard copy in your wallet or notebook, printable calendars are best. Here are some good sources of free printable calendars with the complete set of holidays thrown in.

Free Calendar Labs features a lot of calendars that just about covers everything that anyone would like to celebrate. You may also add your own significant dates like birthdays and anniversaries before printing out your free calendar.

The Web site come with an updated holiday calendar for over a dozen countries. Here are the ones that are available:

Many holidays also have religious undertones so it's also great that Calendar Labs has a great selection of printable religious calendars.

The Web site Jimsgraphix also allows visitors to print their own calendars. The Web site gives users the option to choose between a single page calendar format or a grand 12-page spread with one page per month.

Another page that offers nifty calendar printouts is the Family Crafts section of About. The site also has very good suggestions on how to decorate and design your personalized calendars. There's also an option to add holiday schedules.

Another option is to use Google Calendar. By default, Google Calendar only includes your schedules and appointments, but you can also choose to import holiday schedules by clicking the "ADD" link under "Other Calendars," and selecting "Browse Interesting Calendars." This will give you a list of holidays and other interesting information you can subscribe to. After you've saved your preferences, you can use the "Print" link to put out a hard copy of your Google Calendar.

Now, if you're on the lookout for calendars that you can customize, you can check out PDF templates from Hoover Web Designs. These calendars not only let you print out big calendars with big spaces for notes, schedules, appointments and reminders, these also feature photographs and artwork that can help adorn that bare kitchen wall or refrigerator.

The Web is littered with many of these free printable calendars, so it's a matter of choosing the design and the layout.


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