How To Find Patriotic Quotes for Memorial Day

Memorial Day takes place on the last Monday of each May; it's the day we honor those that have died serving our great country.  It is a time of somber remembrance observed throughout the United States.  Patriotic quotes are some of the most emotional and inspiring words available to commemorate Memorial Day.  Many people find solace in the words of others who have spoken about Memorial Day and our fallen dead.  If you are interested in finding patriotic quotes for Memorial Day, there are several ways you can go about locating them.

A good place to start your search for these inspiring patriotic Memorial Day quotes is the inexpensive and easily available internet.  An internet search reveals several quotation sites where you can search by keywords such as "Patriotic Quotes for Memorial Day", "Inspiring Memorial Day Quotes", or "Quotes about Patriotism" and end up with a bountiful selection of inspiring Memorial day quotes.

These quotes are generally sourced to different authors and arranged by subject matter, so finding the Memorial Day patriotic quotations for your event or to give to a friend or family member shouldn't be hard.  You can also branch out and try keywords such as "patriotic flag quotes", "quotes about war", or "quotes about bravery."  Any of these keyword searches should yield inspiring and motivational Memorial Day quotations.

If none of these quotes are suitable, you can visit your local public library, where they have books of quotations such as Bartlett's Familiar Quotations.  You can use these resources to easily look by subject and locate patriotic quotes suitable for Memorial Day.  You can check with the public librarians for more ideas as to which quote books and other resources your local library has available which may contain patriotic Memorial Day quotations.  A good suggestion might be to look at quotes by various war-time Presidents such as Roosevelt or Lincoln and use some of their patriotic Memorial Day quotes.

After trying these various ideas, if you are still unhappy with the selection of quotes available, you can always try your hand at writing your own patriotic Memorial Day quotes.  Perhaps some of the quotes available in the previously mentioned resources will give you some inspiration.  Watching a stirring war movie such as Saving Private Ryan or Platoon might help you come up with some moving Patriotic Memorial Day quotes of your own.  War and remembering those who have died in service to our country are subjects that can inspire grave and patriotic Memorial Day quotes from just about anybody.


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