How To Find the Top Holiday Gifts

During the holidays, most people want to show the special persons in their lives how they truly appreciate them but sometimes, picking gifts can be quite a chore. This article compiles the most popular holiday gifts of past seasons and the items that are likely going to be very popular for upcoming holidays.

While it is important to know what your friends or family are interested in before buying gifts for them, the items on this list would be hard to resist.

  • Laptops and Netbooks
    These great gadgets will be hard to pass up. If you're thinking of buying gifts for a spouse, child or a really technologically-inclined friend, laptops and netbooks would have to be the holy grail. Many manufacturers have now expanded their product line to include very affordable netbooks, so you can definitely get something at almost every budget.

    Even if someone already has a desktop personal computer or higher end laptop, having a spare computer that can be carried around as easily as an oversized calculator will certainly be appreciated. Two-pound, 10-inch netbooks are especially portable, compared with full-sized laptops that usually weigh four pounds up. Watch these things fly off the shelf this holiday season as stores cut their prices for their year-end sales.

    Going to the official Web sites of companies like Apple, HP or Dell can give you the best idea on which models to purchase to suit your desired specifications and budget.

  • Music
    There are plenty of great albums dropping into stores during the holidays so giving a CD or two for the occasion can be a great idea. Concert DVDs featuring an artist's best performances on stage would also be received well by a hardcore fan. If giving out optical discs isn't your thing, you could always give vouchers to music download sites like iTunes to give the receiver a free hand in choosing the songs they want themselves.

    When talking of music, it would be hard not to talk about MP3 and media players. Many manufacturers have tried to outdo each other with the different types of players that have hit the market in recent years. While the Apple iPod continues to be the most popular gift of choice in this market, other players such as the Zune have also shown promise.

  • Books
    Thanks in large part to great titles like "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" that have made teens and kids pick up the love of reading again in the past few years, it is once again cool to give away books as holiday gifts. Aside from the best sellers and the high profile works of the well known authors, you may also give away works of masters, whose novels and essays have always been showcased in the "classics" shelf of your favorite bookstores.

    Self-help books have also been becoming very hot lately. Most people want to be in control of their lives and somehow, the often strong and affirming messages in these books can help people realize their untapped potential. This may be an unconventional choice for a gift, but given to the right people, this idea might just click.

In the end, the top gift is your intention as the giver that would truly shows the receiver how much you appreciate them. You may not be spending top dollar for the shiniest thing on the shelf, but truly, it's the thought that counts.


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