How To Find Valentine's Day Poems for Kids

The tradition of sending and receiving valentines, often including Valentine's Day poems, is a tradition cherished by children throughout the USA.  If you crave something more interesting or unusual than Roses are red / Violets are blue, do you know how to go about finding these Valentine's Day poems for kids?

First, you can go on the internet and try some of the education/teacher websites; these often feature an array of children's Valentine's Day poetry, including printable valentines.  Many of these sites include funny childrens Valentine's Day limericks or rhymes which are sure to make the receiver smile.  Most of this Valentine's day poetry for children is free and available for use, but don't forget to include the author and sources if these are available on the site.  One must always give credit for authorship where it is due.

You might also expand your search to generic internet poetry sites where you can also find a wide range of children's poems.  Many of these poems are not labeled specifically as Valentine's Day poems for children but would still work wonderfully.  Depending upon how well you know the person to whom you're sending these poems, you can easily choose a subject near and dear to her heart and include this type of poetry. For example, you might send a dog lover a funny poem about dogs, which would make a perfect childrens Valentine's Day poem if included in a valentine including many adorable pictures of cute dogs.

The public library is always a great place to find Valentine's Day poems for kids.  There are many poets such as Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, or Brod Bagert who specialize in poetry for children; many of these authors have great generic or themed poems you could use.  Your favorite youth librarian can recommend many new books which include kids Valentine's Day poems, so be sure to ask him for his favorites.

If you try all of these above resources and are still unsatisfied with the variety of children's Valentine's Day poems available, you can try your hand at writing your own.  Just use your imagination and your knowledge of your intended recipient's favorite items to craft some simple and clever rhymes.  Perhaps you can use some kids Valentine's Day websites to help you find inspiration and then personalize the themes to your own tastes and interests.


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