How To Find Wholesale Gift Box Manufacturers

Finding manufacturers and suppliers of gift boxes should not be a difficult task. Whether you're rushing for holiday celebrations to send your gifts to many people or you desperately need gift box suppliers and manufacturers for your gift wrapping service business, worry no more because we'll give you tips and hints as to how you can find them. 

The most obvious place to go for your gift box needs is your local gift shops. These shops are definitely the ones with the most number of gift boxes in various shapes, accessories and designs. From paper boxes to wooden boxes, you have a wide variety to choose from. Gift shops can also be a good supplier of your wine gift baskets for wine, cedar wood boxes for your cigars or a cute pencil boxes for your children's school supplies. 

Your local educational supplies store is also a good source for your gift boxes. Aside from selling office and school supplies, they will also sell miscellaneous items such as stamping blocks, gift wrappers, boxes, among others. Purchasing in bulk from this type of stores will also give you the possibility of a discount. 

You can also check out the school and office supplies section of your favorite department stores. Department stores are also the ones that are always up to date with celebrations such as Valentines, Christmas and Easter. This means that when you want to purchase the appropriate boxes for your holiday gift, a department store is the place to go. If you think that the gift boxes on display are not enough, you can ask any sales personnel to see if they have more of those gift boxes on their stockroom. 

If the stores cannot supply you with enough gift boxes, you can ask them who their suppliers are. You can get the suppliers' contact details and call them up to set up a special contract to supply you with the needed gift boxes. You can browse through their catalog to get to know their products more. 

Going further back to the source, you can also check out the gift box manufacturers in your area and make a special arrangement to supply you with the needed boxes. This can be your local cardboard box manufacturer, a gift items manufacturer, a manufacturer for school and office supplies, and among others. Scan through your telephone directory, especially in the yellow pages, for these manufacturers. You can browse through their catalog and see if there is something that suits your needs. If there's none, you can ask these manufacturers to create a gift box to you with a specific dimension, shape, accessories, design, etc. They are also the ones who can most probably provide you with wholesale discounts for bulk purchases. 

You could also try and check out Global Sources. They feature gift box manufacturers that have already been verified by on-site visits and financial checks to ascertain their standing and make sure that Global Sources will not be endorsing a company that they haven't fully reviewed. They feature supplier ratings as well to guide you in making the right company choice to source out your gift boxes. So check them out now and then compare to find the right wholesale gift box manufacturer for your needs.


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