How To Get 4th of July Graphics

Fireworks are wonderful: they create noise, flash, images you never thought possible with gunpowder and fire, and they light up the night sky each year around Independence Day.  Photographs and images of fireworks are stunning, and make great decorations for 4th of July parties.  So if you want to host a party or a get together on this wonderful day and you want to spice things up a little instead of just the normal red, white, and blue cups, plates, napkins, and plasticware, the only things you will need are a color printer, a computer with internet access, and a clear idea of what you are looking for.

First, try to decide the type of images you'd like and how you will use them; for example, are you going to make invitation cards? Place cards at a table? Are you hoping to make cup labels, or to just have some nice 4th of July pictures on hand in case you need them?  The first thing to do is open your internet browser.

You can use any search engine you want; nearly all search engines will return images as part of your search results.  For example, Google and MSN search engines are simple to use and return a fair amount of nice high-quality pictures for any occasion.  There will be a tab at the top of the screen that says Images when you look on Google and MSN.  This tab will be right next to the Web tab; Images is usually the second one in line.  Before beginning your search, click on that tab.

When you start your search you can simply type in "4th of July graphics", or "4th of July pictures", but remember what you put in is what you will get.  For 4th of July graphics you need to enter just that, graphics.  This search will return a variety of design quality or cartoon-like graphics, all centered around the 4th of July; patriotic images and fireworks will be the main themes.

Once you find a few that you like, you can save them to your desktop and then send them through e-mails or print them and use them at a party as a bit more of a decoration than the normal 3 color theme that almost everyone uses.  Remember to have fun, and enjoy the pizazz and fun you put into the creation you make for the next party you throw on the 4th of July.


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