How To Give Funny Christmas Cards

Aren't we all a little sick of the sap found in the stereotypical Christmas Card? It certainly seems more festive to inspire a Santa-like chuckle among our wine-happy friends and relatives. A great way to tickle a merry-bone would be to send out funny, perhaps even cynical, Christmas cards. You can design your own, perhaps touching on the usual 20 pounds that are gained during the holiday season. If you're notoriously unartistic, then an ironic use of glitter or pasted tinsel might lift your father's spirits after he tallies up the since-Thanksgiving gift expenses.

A first step to a basic homemade funny Christmas card would be to acquire construction paper. It's colorful, often recycled, and forgiving under scissors. It also makes a terrific background for glued-on items that sparkle.

If you want to get festive, take white printer paper, fold it a few times over, and hack it up until you can unfold it into a snowflake. And remember, if you're trying to be funny, then using symmetry with these flakes might be counter-productive.

There is, of course, an alternative to sticky hands and the anxiety that comes with failing to make your Christmas card REALLY funny. (Though in the spirit of giving, there shouldn't be so much pressure!) The option remains for you to mosey on down to your local Hallmark and browse the "Christmas: Humor" section. You can get as particular as you like in these funny Christmas card areas, where the categories range from your standard "Merry Christmas to Mom" to the sensitively tailored "Merry Christmas to Step Great-Uncle once removed from nine-year-old Step Great-Nephew." These card specifications alone are funny, but that's only a personal opinion.

A benefit to the consumerist approach, unless you're someone of unlimited means, is that Hallmark brand cards can make noises, even sing songs! This, in my view, can add tremendously to your funny Christmas card. Doubtless there are innumerable cards you can purchase that, upon opening them, will inform grandmas galore of their impending fate: being trampled by a reindeer.

The bottom line is split between how lazy you are and how sentimental your funny card exchange is intended to be. A funny Christmas card made from scratch and inspired by an inside joke might generate a laugh while stirring up some warm and fuzzy Christmas spirit. And some of us wouldn't find such a fusion all that funny, and in fact prefer the thoughtless, corporately crafted jabs at age and Santa's lack of sexual prowess.


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