How To Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

Hanging outdoor Christmas lights is not as hard as one would think. With some methodical thinking, strategy, and clear precise instructions, you should have your lights strung on your home in no time and without frustration. Here's how to get started:

First, you will need a "to do list" of things you will need to hang your lights. It should include light clips, Christmas lights, extension cords, a ladder, and measuring tape. Also make sure your lights are designated for outdoor use. Measure where you would like to hang your lights on the house and around the trees and/or bushes if you have them and always make sure to add about 20 extra feet of lights just in case of faulty measuring! Based on those measurements, you'll need to figure how many strings of lights you will need. That will depend heavily on if you will use small lights or large lights. If you are stringing outdoor lights around your bushes or trees, figure in about 20 to 30 extra feet of lights for proper draping and stringing. Whichever you decide, make sure you buy extra so you don't have to make more trips to the store than necessary. Decide beforehand what kinds of lights you will be using. It could be blinking lights, chasing lights, or the standard solid lights. In any case, a timer for your lights is a good idea. Another good idea is to shop and test your lights before hanging them outside.

Make sure you have a ladder that is long enough for you to hang your outdoor Christmas lights. It would be a good idea to have a partner to hold your ladder steady while you are applying the lights as well. A good idea and something my husband does is plastic light clips to hang the strings from your gutters. They are safer for the wires than a staple gun and make it that much easier to remove. Be careful not to staple or hammer a nail through the wire to avoid injury. Start at the top of your tree or bush and zigzag the lights through the center of them, much as if you were decorating a Christmas tree. Do not plug in the lights until they are all secured to the tree or house.

Hanging outdoor Christmas lights doesn't have to be hard. You may spend more time on it the first time but hanging your lights will be easier to get done after that first year!


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