How To Have a Merry Christmas

Christmas, the most blessed season of the year.  So do you know how to have a Merry Christmas?  Here are a few tips to help you have a Merry Christmas.

First of all, do not over-do.  It is not about who has the biggest tree, the most gifts, the biggest feasts, or the most decorations.  It is about family, love, and being together and giving of yourself.  This will help you have a Merry Christmas.

Second find something that will help someone during the Christmas Season.  Give of your time maybe to a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter.  If you cannot give of your time, share some of your money if you can.  Give a food pantry some food to help feed the hungry during Christmas.  Pick a name off an Angel Tree.  Or just simply buy some gifts for someone you know will not have any.  Help others to have a Merry Christmas also.

If you have an elderly or ill neighbor whom you know will not be able to put up decorations, go decorate their house for them.  Take them some food or even invite them to your house for Christmas.  If they cannot get out, ask if you can come to their home and have your Christmas there so they can join you.  This will help anyone have a Merry Christmas.

Find the time to go to a school or somewhere and read the children the "Twas the Night Before Christmas" story.  Volunteer to help decorate you child's classroom or help with a Christmas party.  This way you are helping the children to have a Merry Christmas and learn the value of helping others.

If you can afford to do it, buy some sort of gifts to give to a jail or youth detention center.  Buy them some Bibles to give out on Christmas. If the jail or detention center will allow it, offer to even bake them some cookies or candy.  This will help you and them have a Merry Christmas.

Volunteer to be a bell ringer for the Salvation Army.  Help out at a homeless shelter with getting it ready for a Christmas dinner for the homeless.  One thing that is really kind is to go out on Christmas Day and take some "brown bag lunches" to those who are on the street.

Christmas does not and should never be about the biggest gifts and most decorations.  To have a Merry Christmas yourself, it is important to help others have a Merry Christmas also.


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