Holiday Stocking Holders

Days fly by so fast that before you know it, you'll hear TV and radio programs doing the Christmas countdown, and Christmas songs blasting through the mall sound systems. So it's good to be prepared as early as possible for this season, in order to avoid the stresses that could be brought about by the hustle and bustle of December. After all, wouldn't you want to enjoy the holidays with as little stress and anxiety in your mind as possible?

One of the things that is most likely on your Christmas shopping list is holiday stocking holders. To help you with your choice, here are some pointers about this Christmas staple:

  1. Mantle stocking hangers - When buying stocking holders, some of your options include mantle stocking hangers and standing holders. Mantle stocking hangers are a good option to make your mantle a decorative centerpiece during the holidays. Typically, mantle stocking hangers are displayed on top of the mantle, and have brass or silver stocking hooks attached at the bottom where you can hang your stockings. This gives a nice effect, especially when hung against the backdrop of the warm, glow of the fire from the fireplace. A word about the hook: It's best if you choose a long hook instead of a shorter, stubbier one. This ensures that your stocking holder carries stockings with heavier things inside. Once you've decided on this style, you can choose an assortment of Christmas-themed displays according to your preference. Most of the available designs are typical Christmas symbols such as angels, reindeer, snowman, etc., although there are available designs that show off your other interests such as your favorite sports team's logo and symbol, comic book and cartoon characters, and many more.
  2. Standing holders - Standing holders are a great alternative for you if you don't have a mantle. Things to consider when choosing your standing holders are how many stockings they can accommodate (that is, how many hooks each one has), their make (brass and silver are good choices), and height. Also remember, a good standing holder must be sturdy enough to hold even very heavy stockings.
  3. Other options - There are some stocking holders that have unique features that make your Christmas decorations stand out. Some examples are lamp stocking holders, personalized Christmas holders (you could order one that displays your family's last name in silver lettering), and picture frame stocking holders. This last is a great idea to truly personalize each family member's stocking - you could display your family member's picture on a frame and then hang his stocking from there.
  4. Useful websites - If you're interested in purchasing stocking hangers and holders online, your comparison shopping will be very easy if you go to sites such as, eBay and These will enable you to find different brands and also to narrow down your search according to price range, brand or popularity. If your interest lies mostly with the stocking itself, you can visit websites such as, which contain information on such topics as needlepoint stocking, stocking ornaments, and personalized stockings.

Choose your stocking holders well, and once Christmas season comes around, you will be prepared to instantly change the atmosphere of your home from ordinary to very warm and Christmas-y.


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