How To Ask a Girl Out for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is one of the most awkward days of the year for someone who is single.  You either have to find a date for the night, or you are left alone while your friends who are in relationships talk about how much fun the night was.  There are plenty of stag parties that people throw for the single crowd, but those are sometimes depressing, and just add to the awkwardness.  Well if you want to be one of those who spend Valentine's Day by yourself, go ahead and be my guest, but if you want a date for the night, then read this article for some tips.

Step 1

Face to face. The simplest and sometimes best way to go about asking a girl out for Valentine's Day is to ask her face to face.  While this may be the easiest way, it also might be the most nerve-racking form.  While you are guaranteed to get her attention, you also run the chance of a serious rejection that can seem rather harsh.  I am not saying you should just run up to some girl and ask her out for Valentine's Day, but if you are interested in a girl and want to spend Valentine's Day with her, then nicely go up to her and ask her.  They always say the worst she can do is say no.  But more than likely, you will get the chance to take her out.

Step 2

Note.  While asking a girl out face-to-face may be the most nerve-racking, writing a note can make you equally nervous.  However you do have something to hide behind, and don't risk the humiliation of immediate rejection.  If you do go about writing a note, make sure you do it the right way.  You certainly do not want to creep her out with some type of love letter, but you also want to be sensitive and show her you are interested.  Best thing is to be casual just so you get her to say yes.

Step 3

Creativity.  Now I said earlier the best way to get a girl to go out with you for Valentine's Day is to do it face to face...well I was halfway telling the truth.  Face to face is a great way to show her you are serious, but if you really want to impress her, then get creative.  There is nothing I can really tell you to do, but you will have to think outside the box.  Maybe leave some roses and a note on her car, or some other form of surprise.  There really are endless possibilities to this, and the more creative, the better. 

Valentine's Day does not have to be spent alone.  Go out there and ask that girl that you have been interested in for the longest time.  You never know what may come of the night.  Good luck!

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