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Only a few more weeks to go before the holiday season comes, and it’s time for us again to busy ourselves with the usual Christmas shopping and activities. One particular task that demands our personal attention but is often overlooked and even hastily done, is the preparation of Christmas cards and the sentiments attached with them. The Christmas card tradition has been around since the Victorian era, where people used to take time writing their personal and heartfelt messages to someone dear. Today, Christmas greetings are conveniently sent through text messages or even e-mail. Gone are the days of beautiful penmanship on personal letters and cards that are works of art in themselves. One kind of card that is rare, if not unpopular, is a Christmas music card.

Christmas music cards are special simply because once opened, they play a specific Christmas tune. Imagine your loved one’s delight to receive a Christmas greeting card with a personally dedicated message and a sweet tune that accompanies it. So if you want to bring a new twist to an old tradition, send a Christmas music card. Here’s where you can buy them:

  • Hallmark. For many years now, Hallmark has been the Mecca for all sorts of sentimental and touching greeting cards for all kinds of occasion. Aside from your usual kind, Hallmark also has Christmas cards with sound. Choose from a variety of designs from colorful cartoon characters, to Christmas scenes and signature Hallmark style photographs. Each card plays a tune like “White Christmas”, “Deck the Halls”, “Let It Snow”, etc. and you also have the option to choose which kind of music or song accompanies your greeting card. All Hallmark Christmas musical cards cost $5.99 each. You can buy them online at the Hallmark website, or through Walmart stores nationwide, at their Hallmark department, and the Walmart store website at
  • Lang Calendars, Cards and Gifts. Lang sells many exquisite collector’s items like calendars, planners, stationery, journals, mugs, address books, guest books and musical cards by set—all with creative designs and flair. Someone who likes beautiful knickknacks and themed stuff would surely adore their items and designs. For their musical cards, they have 17 designs all in all. Each set contains 5 musical cards and 5 envelopes in a box. Cards are 5” x 7” in size. Each card has a full-color artwork inside and out, and is made of linen embossed paper stock. When you open a card, it plays a classical Christmas song that lasts for 20 seconds. You can view the designs, listen to song clips, and buy the cards online at
  • Sound Expression Greetings. Sound Expression Greetings offers personalized musical greetings cards for special occasions and even promotion greeting cards—ones you can use to promote your business. How do these work? You can purchase either a blank greeting card with a recordable music memory chip or sound chip and design it however you want it to. Or you can customize your own greeting card. You can provide the music, song, or sound to be recorded on the chip, plus the artwork, design, or logo for the card. You can even use your own music downloads. For their ready-made Christmas music card, they have the “Star of Christmas”. This card has a beautiful artwork of a hazy purple night scene with mountains, a crescent moon, and the North star—a star of hope that carries a message of hope to a cherished person who’s many miles away. The text inside contains a lyrical version of the song “Star of Christmas”, the song that plays when you open the card. This is accompanied by a CD with the same artwork for its envelope cover and a Christian song sung by Kelli Fusaro. You can have this musical card sent with your own personal message. You can view a sample at and download the music to hear it. This gem of a card is sold individually and by sets. You can pay through credit card or PayPal. This music card is indeed so beautiful and exquisitely it can be the perfect gift for your loved one.


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