How To Buy a Tree Stand

If you want your home to have a traditional feel to it this holiday season, then you'll definitely need a Christmas tree. It won't stand up by itself, so you'll need something to support it as well. But how do you know which kind of tree stand is sufficient? And what extra features do you want your Christmas tree stand to have? Here's a quick and easy guide to help you buy a tree stand for your Christmas tree this year.

Step 1

Consider the space you have. Before you buy your Christmas tree stand, put some thought into what type of a tree you want to have for the life of your tree stand. Does the space you want to put your Christmas tree in suit a small tree, or is a larger one more appropriate? Depending on the location you choose for the tree (and therefore, the size you choose for the tree), you'll need to buy a tree stand that is properly sized for your tree.

Step 2

Decide what kind of a stand you need. Once you know the size of tree stand you want to buy, determine the type of tree stand you need. Will it be wood, metal or plastic? Generally, wooden trees stands are simple X's nailed to the bottom of a real tree that you buy off of a tree lot. And these work, but only for the current season. If you're hoping to keep your tree stand around more permanently, consider either a plastic or a metal one. Plastic ones are great if you plan on watering your tree often. But they're not very heavy and might not provide a sturdy enough base if you're opting for a larger Christmas tree. A metal tree stand has a lot of weight to it, but it doesn't necessary hold water that well. (Again, this will vary by brand, but in general, beware of the rust issue if you choose to buy a metal one.)

Step 3

Shop for your tree stand. Once you have determined which size and type of tree stand you want to buy this year, it's time to go shopping. Head off to your favorite retailer and pick out the perfect tree stand. Shop early for the biggest selection. If you do choose a stand that is self-watering or adjustable (as most are these days), take the time to open up the box before you head to the check-out line. Make sure that the tree stand comes with all the necessary pieces in the box, including tubing and hardware. If they have any tree stand models on display, be sure to inspect them. Ask yourself if your chosen stand looks sturdy enough to support the size of Christmas tree you had in mind. And also test whether it is wobbly when it is properly assembled. You need a stand that will be a good base for your Christmas tree.

Step 4

Store it properly. Once you buy your tree stand, save yourself the trouble of rooting through your storage boxes each year looking for parts. Save the box that the tree stand came in and put all tiny pieces in a zipper plastic bag so that they won't get lost. That way, you won't have to buy a new tree stand each year when you can't find all the parts of your old one.


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