How To Care for a Cut Christmas Tree

Keep Your Christmas Tree Looking Good and Prevent It from Becoming a Fire Hazard

Christmas trees are fun for everyone. The whole family can go to the Christmas tree farm, pick out and cut a tree down, and decorate it. However, how do you take care of it to keep it looking great and keep your house safe? It's easy.

  1. Cut the trunk again when you get home. If you just stick the tree in water, it won't absorb the water well. Make a fresh cut on the trunk of the tree and put it sImage Hosted by ImageShack.ustraight into a bucket or Christmas tree stand full of water.

  2. Add sugars to the water. It definitely sounds strange, but adding a cup of maple syrup, corn syrup, or sugar to the water helps preserve the tree!

  3. Carefully monitor the tree's water. The tree will take up a lot of water, so keep an eye on it. If it completely dries out, the resin will cover the cut end, stopping water from being absorbed. If this happens, you need to cut the end off again, to get more water into the tree.

  4. Make sure the tree is secure. Christmas tree stands can be wobbly, so make sure that your tree is in the stand very securely. If not, a curious child could reach up and have the tree fall on top of her.

  5. Monitor the Christmas tree lights. Christmas tree lights should only be turned on when you are in the room. Even if your tree is well-watered, it could still be a fire hazard if something happened with the lights, so unplug them when no one is there to keep an eye on the tree.

  6. Keep ornaments out of reach of small children and pets. Some people only put non-breakable ornaments on the lower branches of their Christmas tree, and others skip decorating the lower branches entirely. Another idea is to put ornaments with jingle bells on the lower branches so that you hear immediately if a toddler or a cat is playing too close to the tree.

  7. Vacuum up the pine needles. Your house will look better and you will be much happier if everyone in your family isn't tracking pine needles from the Christmas tree all over the house! Just using a Dustbuster once a day can help immensely.

  8. Don't get your cut Christmas tree too early or keep it too late. Although it's fun to stretch out Christmas as long as possible, cut Christmas trees that are kept for too long become a fire hazard, even if they are kept watered. Keep an eye on your tree and don't endanger your house.

With careful watering and some common sense, your Christmas tree will be exactly what you intended for it to be - a wonderful decoration that the whole family can enjoy, and not a nuisance or a danger.


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Hm - somehow the body of the article was repeated. In any case, I like the point about adding jingle bells.

By Kathy Steinemann