How To Celebrate Mardi Gras

One of the biggest party weeks of the year is Mardi Gras.  With all the costumes and fun activities there are so many fun things to do and it is a great time to celebrate with friends.  The biggest place to celebrate Mardi Gras is in New Orleans; you do not have to be down there to have a great time, but it sure helps!  This article will focus on celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Step 1

New Orleans.  If you really want to go all out for Mardi Gras then New Orleans is the place to be.  Each year they throw the most extravagant parties and parades.  The atmosphere is full of fun and excitement that brings out the best in everyone down there.  With all the bars and clubs that line Bourbon Street you are sure to have a good time.  Bring down any masks and costumes you have to join in on the fun activities.  Call anyone you know in that area who you think would want to join you.  Tell them to bring masks and costumes as well for a great time.

Step 2

Friends.  Now that you have decided to go down and celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans, you need to get a big group of friends to go down there with you.  Start asking around and see who would be interested in the festivities.  This will help out in many ways to cut costs, since you can car pool and have more people per hotel room.  Once you have a group of friends together go ahead and have them call whomever they know in New Orleans.  This will help out because these friends should have an idea of when and where the best festivities are.

Step 3

Celebrate.  Now that you have all the plans arranged, you are ready to head on down there for the Mardi Gras celebration and festivities.  When you first get down there, set up a plan.  Figure out where all the action will be and set up a map of where you are going to hop around.  Try not to stay at just one place.  In order to really feel all the excitement you will want to visit a few different venues and see the different crowds.  Remember to put on all your costume stuff and be sure to have a great time. 

Mardi Gras may not be one of the most popular holidays of the year, but it can be one of the most fun.  With all the costumes and festivities you can have a great time.

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