How To Create Snowman Poop

Have Fun with Your Friends with this Holiday Treat

Kids love making and giving "Snowman Poop" at Christmas. It's easy, fun and not nearly as distasteful as the name suggests. After all, snowmen are made of clean, white snow. With a little sense of humor, even adults can enjoy this quick, easy and inexpensive craft project that makes a great gag gift at the holidays.

Step 1

Freeze a bag of miniature marshmallows (optional). Snowmen live outside, where it's cold and frosty, so their trailings should be as cold as they are. Buy a bag of miniature marshmallows and put it in the freezer for about two hours or until the marshmallows are thoroughly cold.

This step is optional. If you won't be giving the gift bags right away, skip this step, as the marshmallows won't stay cold long.

Step 2

Place the marshmallows inside plastic bags or small gift bags. Put about 10 or 12 marshmallows inside plastic sandwich bags or small gift bags that can be tied with a ribbon.

Step 3

Add a poem to the bag and tie with a festive ribbon. This is the fun part of the project. Use colored construction paper to cut out small gift-tag-sized pieces of paper and write one of the following poems on them. Then place the poem inside the bag or tie it to the outside with a colorful ribbon.

Snowman Poop Poem #1:
Santa came and went last night
Traveling on his worldwide loop
Because you weren't so good this year
You get no coal, just snowman poop!
Round and white, so sweet and light.
Eat some and have good dreams tonight.

Snowman Poop Poem #2:
You've been naughty all year,
So here's the scoop -
All you get for Christmas
Is this Snowman poop!

Snowman Poop Poem # 3:
You've been naughty, so here's the scoop...
I'm running short on coal this year,
So you get snowman poop!

Step 4

Deliver quickly and enjoy the laughter! If you chose to freeze your marshmallows in step one, be sure to deliver your gift bags right away! Then enjoy watching your gift recipients read the poem. It's sure to bring a smile to even the most Scrooge-like individuals!


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What a cute and fun idea for the kids!

By Therese Haberman